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Chapter 3

Yunho didn’t want to argue with Jaejoong anymore because he was afraid of being late to class. He was not pretty like Jaejoong so he knows that he’s bound to get in trouble if he was tardy. So he just rushed to the classroom right away leaving Jaejoong in the room having his own mirror to himself

“Yunho, good thing you aren’t late” Mr. Kwon smiled “Because the bell will ring..right..now” the bell rang and Mr. Kwon smiled proudly leaving Yunho with a dumbfound face. Yunho just walk to his seat..which was really Jaejoong’s seat but he didn’t care, Jaejoong was going to show up late anyways

While Mr. Kwon was teaching the class a lesson Jaejoong walked inside and everybody’s eyes were on him, like always..

“Kim Jaejoong, why are you always late to my class?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Kwon..it’s just that I have to spend extra time in the morning looking good because this class is amazing” Jaejoong said then touched Mr. Kwon’s face “Y..You don’t mind do you?”

“No..of course not” Mr. Kwon stuttered “H..Have a seat”

“Thanks Mr. Kwon” Jaejoong smiled and blew him a kiss “You are my favorite teacher”. When hearing Jaejoong say that Mr. Kwon turn red as a tomato

Gosh he always gets his way..Yunho thought to himself. I would never be like Mr. Kwon..but he was wrong, he did give Jaejoong the top bunk yesterday..

“You are in my seat” Jaejoong gave Yunho a glare

“Does it have your name in it?”

“Yes it does” Jaejoong said and pointed to the desk..it indeed said Kim Jaejoong

“You write your name on your seat?” Yunho rolled his eyes

“Yes of course, so I remember where I sit” Jaejoong said innocently and Yunho started laughing like a moron. Leaving Jaejoong standing there pouting

“You are so mean to me” Jaejoong pouted

“Let Jaejoong have the seat..he’s too innocent” Mr. Kwon said to Yunho and every guy around them nodded agreeing with Mr. Kwon. Feeling outnumbered Yunho went to find another seat to sit in. Then Yunho turned around seeing Jaejoong smiling and sticking his tongue out at him..Gosh that stupid Jaejoong


“Jaejoong, you have a basketball meeting today” a guy walked up to Jaejoong after class

“What? Really? I was just at the soccer one yesterday..Yoochun can you tell him that I can’t be there today because I have a tennis one”

“Um ok, I’ll see you around then” Yoochun said and gave Jaejoong a peck on the lips then walked out of class leaving only Jaejoong and Yunho inside

“Wow Jaejoong, you are busy..not only with making out with guys but sports also..very impressive..”

“Shut up Yunho!” Jaejoong said and stomped out of class with Yunho following behind him. Yunho saw Jaejoong meet up with another guy, who looked like the tennis player..the guy put his arm around Jaejoong’s waist and they walked together

Wow in each sport he has another jock waiting for him, what a player..Yunho thought to himself. He couldn’t stand Jaejoong but he loved teasing Jaejoong so he went to their room and brought out his pick-up lines book, he couldn’t wait to tease Jaejoong with all the pick up lines


When tennis was over the guy pulled Jaejoong in for a long kiss

“Changmin, you are so bad” Jaejoong said

“Yes I know I am, but I really want you” Changmin smirked and held Jaejoong’s body closer to his


After they were finish making out Jaejoong ran back to his room and saw Yunho on the top bunk..feeling frustrated Jaejoong released all of his anger towards Yunho

“Yah Yunho! That is my top bunk! Get out and stop annoying me! I want to kick your ass because I hate you!”

“Can I take a picture of you? So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas” Yunho smiled at Jaejoong

“Are you on crack?”

“I think I can die happy now, cause I’ve just seen a piece of heaven” Yunho said

“Good then die because you will see my foot on your head”

“I don’t have a library card but do you mind if I still check you out?”

“Yunho you are nuts!” Jaejoong yelled “I can’t believe I’m roomies with you!”

I can’t believe none of those pick up lines worked. Maybe Jaejoong doesn’t know what love is..man I just made a fool out of myself while trying to tease Jaejoong..ok one more try..

“Hey baby, you must be a light switch, cause every time I see you, you turn me on”

Jaejoong couldn’t believe what was wrong with Yunho. I mean who uses those corny pick up lines?

“Yunho, I say this because I care. You need help”

“Well you should help me because you will probably solve all my problems” Yunho smiled cheekily. Jaejoong couldn’t take anymore of this so he grab his clothes and went to the shower room leaving Yunho there laughing to himself




lol corny pick up lines huh? But oh wells Yunho is corny haha jk
And I think it would be short authors note this time..I know wow o.o lol
I also have this on another website :D

Chapter 2 "Hatred begins"

Chapter 2

Hatred begins

“Wow Jaejoong that was a good game” Siwon said

“Yeah, it was” Jaejoong said breathing heavily

“So who was the guy flirting with you earlier?”

“I don’t know, he’s just an annoying dumb pervert”

“I’m glad you don’t like him, cause you belong to me” Siwon leaned over and kissed Jaejoong’s lips

“Ah you are so naughty! I don’t belong to anyone”

“And you are so stubborn, you belong to me” Siwon said then pulled Jaejoong in for a deep and longer kiss

Yunho saw the whole thing and his eyes widen. Gosh everyone at this school is gay, and that guy is really attracted to Jaejoong..and why am I feeling mad seeing them kissing? Jaejoong you are such a manwhore and stupid Yunho you aint gay, stop making it look like you are jealous. Yunho then walked back into his dorm


After the soccer game and long kiss was finish Jaejoong went to his dorm so he can get his clothes and go take a shower. Opening the door to his room he saw the guy he hated on the top bunk bed..Arg that’s my bed!

“Get out of my room you pervert! First my seat then my room what else are you going to take from me!” Jaejoong yelled

“Your virginity” Yunho joked then seeing Jaejoong face burning with anger

“I hate you!”

“I think I know that by now” Yunho laughed then wondering why Jaejoong was mad? He thought Jaejoong had already lost his virginity

“Why are you bullying me? I should be bullying you since you are the new kid..gosh I can’t stand you”

“You look so cute when you are mad and furious” Yunho said as he pinched Jaejoong’s cheek. Without slapping his hand away Jaejoong leaned over and gave Yunho a peck in the lips

“Now if you think I’m cute, can I have the top bunk bed?” Jaejoong asked with a pout..Yunho was still shocked from the kiss and just nodded his head

Jaejoong took his clothes and went to the shower room smirking to himself, that was almost too easy


When Jaejoong left to take a shower Yunho sat down on the bed and kept thinking about Jaejoong. His cheeks were hot and his heart was beating like a drum..he knew he wasn’t gay and he was suppose to tease Jaejoong all the time..but why did he feel so good after Jaejoong kissed him?

Jaejoong I know you only did that so you can have the top bunk..but I cannot believe I liked it. How can I fall in love with a guy who’s such a player? No Yunho you cannot fall for someone like him! Besides he is too hard to get


“Wow you are still sitting like a statue?” Jaejoong asked Yunho when he got back from the shower. His hair was wet and he was wearing pjs with a towel hanging from his shoulder

“Ahh you scared me!” Yunho yelled as he snapped out of his thoughts

“Thinking of sex again?” Jaejoong laughed

“No..but cute pjs..the bunnies are adorable” Yunho complimented

“Thanks..now stop trying to be nice to me. It’s freaking me out” Jaejoong said as he climb on the top bunk “Oh and when I’m getting my beauty sleep at night, you better not do anything suspicious”

“Like what? Rape you?” Yunho joked

“Or draw on my face..it will ruin my beautiful skin”

“You care about your skin but not about me raping you? Gosh you are such a weirdo”

“Shut up! Don’t make me climb down there and hurt you” Jaejoong warned

“Stop screaming..the staffs would think there’s something wrong with us”

“There is something wrong with you”

The two were arguing all night and when they had to wake up in the morning to get dressed and head to class..they were both having trouble with sharing the mirror

“Get your ass out, I have to make sure I look good!” Jaejoong yelled as he pushed Yunho

“You never look good so you don’t need the mirror” Yunho pushed Jaejoong back

“You ugly stupid dumb bastard” Jaejoong cursed

“You ugly hoe” Yunho shot back

“You ugly piece of crap”

“You ugly manwhore”

“Your face is ugly!”

“Your ass is ugly”

“My ass?” Jaejoong looked at Yunho with a mad face “Stop staring at my ass then!”

“You got no ass anyways”

“Ahh I hate you!” Jaejoong yelled

“Hate is such a strong word..you shouldn’t be using it”

Jaejoong held on Yunho’s collar and looked into his eyes “I HATE YOU”

“I love you too” Yunho said teasing Jaejoong again..he knew that they were not going to be good roommates but oh wells, he liked being rommies with Jaejoong, it was very amusing for him to tease this beautiful jock all the time




haha don’t you love how they are like nice to each other then they hate each other?
I think both of them got issues
Anyways please comment and enjoy!

New story ^___^

So i decided to make a new Yunjae story!
Its called My Beautiful Jock Read it if you get the chance and comment me if you like it :D



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